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Level of Information needed in BIM libraries

APRIL 21, 2022

Have you heard about Model View Definition ... ?

How should they be applied to BIM content... ?

Why is it so important to have a proper Level of Information (LOI) … Needed within BIM libraries?

How does LOI differ from LOD ?

Olaf Thies, BIM Manager at Geze GmbH together with Adam Końca Product Owner at BIMStreamer will put more light on the topic Level of Information Need within BIM libraries.


1. Why having and not having an information is a problem  

2. LOD - explaining misunderstandings 

3. MVD - focus on the needed data / Level of Information Needed

4. Demo example 

5. Q&A


Olaf Thies

BIM Manager at GEZE GmbH
Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Architect, lecturer at the RWTH Aachen, member of VDI 2552 committee for the implementation of door planning in the BIM process,  mentor in the area of BIM, door planning, security technology, access control, automatic door systems, barrier-free construction, smoke and heat extraction systems

Adam Końca

Product Owner at BIMStreamer

President and co-founder of Sagiton Sp. z o.o., graduate of the Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Computer Science. Since 2015, he has been dealing with BIM from the IT side and managing the programming team in the BIMStreamer project.

Marcin Michalski

Co-founder of BIMStreamer

President and co-founder of Sagiton Sp. z o.o., implementing projects from the borderland of modern technologies and marketing, graduate of the Wrocław University of Technology, author of publications in the field of software engineering, system architect with experience in working on IT projects from the borderland of marketing and construction.

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