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6 BIM library creation strategies for Revit and ArchiCAD

MAY 06, 2021

Are you planning to create BIM libraries for your products ... ?

Do you need to prepare them both for Revit and ArchiCAD ... ?

Are you familiar with different strategies of preparing the content for these platforms ... ?

What are the pros and cons of each strategy ... ?

... and which of these strategies works best for your case ... ?

Rafał Muz and Grzegorz Wilk which are experts in the field of Revit and ArchiCAD content together with Adam Końca, BIMStreamer project manager, will put more light on the topic of content preparation strategies.During the webinar you will see: - 6 different strategies - 12 examples of BIM objects


1. When BIM content is needed and when not?

2. Explaining various strategies of preparing the content that includes: - specifying the process- listing pros and cons- presenting running demo

3. Findings - which strategy are the best for your case

4. Q&A - Questions & Answers

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