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Alternative ways to promote products in BIM

NOVEMBER 21, 2019

The recording was made during the WEBINAR: BIM for manufacturers -the alternative ways to promote products in BIM / 21.11.2019.
As a manufacturer, you probably ask yourself questions, how to attract designers' attention, how to increase their interest and thus the use of your products in many projects, and how to increase sales, or positively influence marketing activities.

As it turns out, this is not only your hurdle…

All manufacturers struggle with this problem, starting with those who produce pipes and bricks, through doors, windows, fire-protection systems, heat pumps and ending with stoves.

You can easily and quickly convince designers to actively use your BIM libraries in their projects. You can do it in TWO WAYS:
1) by using BIM portals and online catalogs, which is a fairly obvious and frequently used strategy,
2) by introducing the Omnichannel distribution of your BIM objects by using a comprehensive platform for central content and data management.

Or.... maybe that's not all and... you can combine these two possibilities together!

1. BIM - a quick recap
2. BIM portals - pros and cons
3. Alternative ways to promote the product portfolio - pros and cons
4. The perfect strategy for promoting via BIM
5. Q & A

You definitely should join us and listen to experts from BIMStreamer, the BIM and IT professionals with a strong background in:
- Product Information Management,
- Classification System,
- Digital and IT solutions for Manufacturers.

The presentation will be based on real use cases and the examples of utilization of BIM objects in Web, Revit, and mobile environment.

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