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PIM / ETIM / BIM - connecting the dots

NOVEMBER 17 2021, 11:00

Have you heard about PIM and ETIM ... ?

How they should be applied to BIM content... ?

... what are the common mistakes of BIM content management and how to address it properly thanks to PIM and ETIM classification?

Jean-René Thies, Managing Partner at Crossbase together with Francois Geers from Geers Consulting and Adam Końca Product Owner at BIMStreamer will put more light on the topic of correct data flow from PIM to BIM with the utilisation of ETIM classification.


1. Why ? - Explaining the bigger picture

2. Data management flaws - How to avoid common data management flaws ?

3. (NO) rocket science ? - let’s connect the dots

4. Demo

5. Q&A - Questions & Answers


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