Privacy Policy

§1. General provisions
  1. The Administrator of and all it's subdomains (the “Website”) – Sagiton Sp. z o.o. with registered office at Legnicka 48 G street, 54-202 Wrocław, registered under: NIP (VAT Id. No.) undefined, REGON (National Business Registry No.) undefined, registered in the undefined as KRS No. undefined – protects the security of Users’ personal data and information using substantive background and technical resources required by the law in force in the Republic of Poland.
  2. Every beneficent of services provided by the Website is considered a User.
  3. Personal data of the Website Users are subjected to physical and legal protection through the use of appropriate technical infrastructure, information technology and procedures required by the Act of May 10, 2018 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1000 with amendments) and the Act of July 18, 2002 on the Providing Services by Electronic Means (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 144, item 1204).
  4. The Administrator respects Users’ privacy rights by protecting the security of any personal data or information transmitted through the website and all it's subdomains
  5. The present document defines the methods of collecting and processing any information, including personal data, obtained from Users of the Website.
§2. Data collected by the administrator
  1. The Administrator collects, processes and uses personal data provided by Users only in the case of their voluntary consent.
  2. Any data or information provided by Users are processed primarily for the purpose of proper execution of services provided by the Website.
  3. The Administrator collects and processes:
    1. data necessary to register and create an account – full name and email address; in the case of companies – company name and legal address,
    2. data necessary to send a request for quotation (RFQ) – full name and email address; in the case of companies – company name and legal address,
    3. data necessary to provide services, which catalogue, depending on the service type, may be subjected to changes – name, email address, phone number, residence address; in the case of companies – company name, legal address and VAT Identification Number,
    4. data necessary to issue a VAT invoice – company name, legal and email address and VAT Identification Number,
    5. data necessary for the complaint procedure – name and email address.
  4. The Administrator processes Users’ personal data necessary to establish, determine the contents, amend or terminate legal relationship associated with the services provided by the Website, or other data provided by Users, necessary due to the type of service provided (according to the Act of July 18, 2002 on the Providing Services by Electronic Means).
  5. The Administrator guarantees to exercise Users’ rights required by the Act of May 10, 2018 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1000 with amendments), including the Users’ right of access to their personal data, the right to request an update or removal of these data, the right to object in the cases specified in the mentioned Act. The foregoing can be accomplished directly at this page by selecting GDPR as contect topic
  6. The personal data file of the Website was submitted to the register kept by the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection.
§3. Use of personal data
  1. The Administrator can use data provided by Users only as specified herein. Every use of the data in any other way than specified herein will entail informing Users of the way and purpose of using the data and will require from them a separate consent.
  2. Users’ personal data are used primarily for the proper functioning of the Website and for providing services by electronic means.
  3. Personal data provided by Users may be used to deliver commercial information directly from the Administrator and to deliver newsletter containing information related to the Website, including news. A separate consent at and all it's subdomains for this activity of the Administrator is needed from Users.
  4. Users’ personal data will be kept for the period of providing services by the Website.
  5. The Administrator does not transmit Users’ personal data against the law to third parties not recognised in this document. Transfer of data is possible only on the request of legally empowered state authorities, in particular after the indication of legal basis and justification of the need for mentioned data.
  6. The Administrator reserves the right to authorise another subject to carry out personal data processing pursuant to a contract concluded in writing according to Act of May 10, 2018 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1000 with amendments) for execution by mentioned subject services leading to correct functioning of the Website, in particular services related to hosting, maintenance and management of servers storing and delivering the Website, services related to the Website administration and maintenance, as well as connected with pursuing claims and explanation of the circumstances of unauthorised use of the services provided by electronic means.
  7. The Administrator reserves the right to transfer all the collected information about Users in the case of restructuring, sale, merger, entry into a cooperation, assignment, transfer or reassignment the Website or its any part. Users will be informed of every mentioned process to be able to decide on further use of the Website.
  8. The Administrator uses Cookies technology to adjust the Website to Users’ needs. Users can express no consent for saving entered data and for their use without re-entering them by the next visit on the Website. Owners of other Websites will not have access to data referred to in this section. If Users do not agree to personalise the Website, they may disable Cookies in their web browser options.
  9. The Administrator uses data stored in the system log files such as User’s IP address, resulting from the general principles of communication using Internet protocols. All data stored in the system log files, including operating data defining Users’ activity on the Website, are used by the Website in accordance with the applicable law, especially for technical and statistical purposes.
§4. Third-party websites and applications
  1. Third-party websites, email addresses or applications may be linked on the Website or transferred to Users. These are not controlled by the Administrator. Users should be aware that before using these they should always read the terms of service and privacy policies of third-parties responsible for linked websites and applications.
  2. The Administrator is not responsible for the proper operation of information systems, websites and applications and for the correctness of e-mail addresses linked on the Website.
  3. The Administrator is not responsible for advertising content and information disseminated by the counterparties through the Website.
  4. The Administrator uses statistical analysis of the website traffic, through Google Analytics (Google Inc. based in the USA). The administrator does not transmit personal data to the operator of this service, but only anonymised information. The service is based on the use of cookies on the user's terminal device. With regard to the information on user preferences collected by the Google advertising network, the user can view and edit the information resulting from cookies using the tool:
  5. The Administrator uses remarketing techniques that allow it to match advertising messages with the user's behaviour on the website, which may give the illusion that the user's personal data are used to track the user, but in practice no personal data are transferred from the Administrator to the advertising operators. The technological prerequisite for such activities is that cookies are enabled.
§5. Website security
  1. The Administrator strives for the best possible protection of Users’ data, including personal data, in particular against loss, misuse, disclosure of the data or unauthorised access.
  2. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their authentication data to services provided by the Website.
  3. Any suspicion on the occurrence of threat concerning data disclosure or unauthorised access must be reported immediately to the Administrator at this page by selecting GDPR as contact topic.
  4. Despite the use of advanced technical means, the Administrator cannot fully guarantee the confidentiality of data stored and transferred across the Internet.
§6. Final provisions
  1. If Users do not accept the provisions contained herein, they should discontinue using the Website.
  2. By completing and submitting a request for quotation (RFQ), Users agree to the processing of their personal data by the Administrator, according to the Act of May 10, 2018 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1000 with amendments).
  3. The Administrator reserves the right to amend present document. In case of mentioned amendments, Users will be informed and will be able to accept them or refuse their acceptance.
  4. The present document is effective from 4 June 2017.