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Dedicated installation

By choosing a ready-made solution based on dedicated installation, you are gaining access to your private BIM platform installed on your servers which can be fully customized to meet all of your specific needs.

For Dedicated installation you have the following options:

ControlYou have full control over the objects and product data you enter. In contrast to external portals, you can modulate the content of your platform in any way you like, without waiting for anyone's approval.
CustomizationDedicated installation allows you to freely customize product range and create custom Online Libraries, plugins and add-ons or synchronization engines. Be and act out of the ordinary!
StorageData storage is organised and secure. Information entered into the platform is stored on your servers. Yes, this means that you are the sole owner of the data.
PromotionThanks to a dedicated platform you promote only your BIM content and your solutions. You skip unfavorable directing your users to external services and lead them to your channels.

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Check BIMStreamer System Architecture to understand the concept of proper Content Management in BIM for manufacturing and design.